Our Driverless Future: The Search for Autonomy
Self-driving cars will change your life more than you can ever imagine
Read the full article January 17, 2018
She Grew Up In Rural Pakistan, Now This Silicon Valley CEO Works To Break Cycles Of Poverty
We’re always on the lookout for women who are doing badass, inspirational things in the world and love to share their stories with our audience. But seriously, we can’t believe it has taken us so long to learn about Umaimah Mendhro, the founder and CEO of VIDA, an e-commerce company that combines mindful global citizenship and style through carefully selected artistic partnerships and responsibly sourced, beautiful products that connect designers, producers, and consumers (scroll down to the end for an exclusive discount for GTHQ readers).
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How to get superior returns in venture capital
A friend of mine interviewed for a job with the massively successful hedge-fund manager Steven A. Cohen. My friend sat in a conference room. Cohen walked in, looked at his resume, and asked just one question: “What’s your edge?” My friend got the job because his answer was differentiated, credible and backed up by a history of investing success.
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3 Easy Ways To Earn Cash Back In 2018
With the start of a new year and your wallet still recovering from holiday shopping, now may be a good time to learn how you can earn cash back on your purchases. Here are three easy ways to get money back on your everyday purchases.
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Yup Is Your Text A Friend For Homework Help Even at 1:00am
There’s a hundred great reasons why Yup may just be a high school student’s best friend. Yup is an on demand tutoring service designed to help students with their homework, anytime, day or night.
Read the full article December 06, 2017
Nigerian Fintech Startups Flutterwave And Riby Named Among The Best Emerging Fintech Companies In The World
Nigerian fintech startups Flutterwave and Riby have recently been named among the best 50 emerging fintech startups in the world according to the annual Fintech 100 report compiled by KPMG and H2 Ventures.
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What’s your VC’s Tech Stack? Results from a survey of early stage venture capital funds
VCs are at the forefront of technological disruption, funding many of the latest cutting edge productivity tools. But what tools are they using themselves to automate their own processes?
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10 Best Tech Apps To Help You Save, Invest, And Manage Your Finances
Drop isn't the first shopping rebate app out there, but it is one of the easiest to use, because it works automatically. You don't have to unlock rewards or upload receipts: you simply link a credit/debit card, spend normally, and earn points for eligible purchases.
Read the full article November 21, 2017
Raden is betting sticker mania will stick in the physical world
While smart suitcase startup Raden is inarguably a hardware company, they’ve decided to test the social waters by diving headfirst into the world of stickers.
Read the full article November 21, 2017
HOF Capital
HOF Capital is awarded “The Most Innovative Venture Capital Model”
New York, NY - HOF Capital was awarded “Most Innovative Venture Capital Model” at The Bonaventure Equity, LLC Annual Direct Investing Conference in Boca Raton, FL on Friday, November 10th. Hisham El Haddad, one of HOF’s Co-Founders and Managing Partners, accepted the award on behalf of the HOF Capital team.
Read the full article November 14, 2017
How West Elm activates local fans to generate social buzz for store openings
To drum up excitement around five store openings this year, West Elm turned to its biggest local fans, helping to drive high engagement rates across its social media channels.
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The Growing Role Of Automation In E-Commerce
Machines are also making inroads into the physical act of delivery itself. Amazon have attracted a lot of the publicity in this sector with their delivery drone pilots, but it’s likely that the early inroads will be made by driverless delivery buggies, such as those produced by Estonian startup Starship Technologies.
Read the full article November 09, 2017
Business Day
TransferWise to make pound-naira transfer 20% cheaper
The London-based financial technology (fintech) company announced last week that it was collaborating with Nigerian-owned Flutterwave to provide customers outside Nigeria following renewed confidence in the manner the Central Bank of Nigeria has handled the naira currency so far.
Read the full article November 01, 2017
The Times of Israel
With Israeli designers and ‘enemy’ craftsmen, collaboration comes into fashion
VIDA platform allows artists and workers from around world to work together in creating goods, cutting costs and empowering everybody
Read the full article October 20, 2017
These Are The Top African Tech Startups You Need To Know About
What will be the Next Big Thing from Africa? Naturally, lists are always subjective and contentious; Africa is a huge continent, but the companies mentioned all represent the best of African talent and a future that will shine far from its continental borders.
Read the full article October 18, 2017
$3 million round for Vyng proves ringtones are still a thing
Sometimes the journey to success and millions of dollars in venture funding can start with nothing more than a Mexican road trip and crashing a cat convention’s film festival. That’s the story of Vyng, which has closed a round of $3 million after two years spent working on its technology that allows users to use personalized videos that appear on lock screens as ringtones.
Read the full article October 10, 2017
Business Wire
Drop, First Truly Flexible Mobile Rewards Program, Launches in US, Closes $5.5M Seed Round
TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Drop, a millennial-focused rewards program, today announced the launch of its platform in the US market fueled by a $5,500,000 venture capital infusion. The seed round was led by Sierra Ventures with participation from White Star Capital, ff Venture Capital, Portag3 Ventures and HOF Capital.
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Twitter Blog
#Promote Innovation Challenge: Announcing the 2017 Winners
In May, we announced that the 2017 #Promote Innovation Challenge would highlight marketing solutions leading the industry in three categories: Content + Creative, Video, and Ad Tech. We were blown away by the quality and diversity of entries and faced the difficult task of selecting just three finalists in each category to move forward toward the $100,000 cash prizes.
Read the full article October 04, 2017
Business Insider
A startup born out of Stanford is going after Uber's self-driving-car program, a startup born out of Stanford, just raised $15 million in a new round of funding that included Grab, Uber's biggest rival in Southeast Asia. The announcement comes a few weeks after said it will partner with Lyft and launch a self-driving-car pilot in the Bay Area.
Read the full article September 28, 2017
rolling out
Ryan Leslie makes no bones about it. He loved his time as a student at Harvard University. Having graduated the Ivy League university at 19 with honors, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Working for himself has always been his preference.
Read the full article September 25, 2017
How Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors Are Eating Their Own Dogfood
Private equity and venture capital investors are copying our sisters in the hedge fund and mutual fund world: we’re trying to automate more of our job. But we’re doing it slowly.
Read the full article September 21, 2017
My Domaine
10 Suitcases That'll Make You Want to Book a Vacation Stat
It doesn't get any posher than a black matte hard finish. This Raden suitcase is super lightweight, making it easy to travel with. The ergonomic carry handle also doubles as a scale, so you can plan ahead and prepare rather having to waste time repacking at the airport in case your bag weighs more than 50 lbs.
Read the full article September 20, 2017
The Globe and Mail
Five ways to build a consumer-first loyalty program
Derrick Fung is chief executive officer of Drop, a free mobile rewards app. He is the former CEO and founder of Tunezy. With a few high-profile breakups of loyalty programs in recent months, and companies such as Aeroplan moving toward launching their own programs by 2020, consumers might be left wondering how these shakeups will affect their ability to collect and use their points.
Read the full article September 12, 2017
New York Times
Learning Local Customs, Whether by App or in Person, Eases Travelers’ Way
On a sales trip last fall to Seoul, South Korea, Josh Udashkin, the founder of the smart luggage company Raden, quickly realized that he’d better leave the matte-finish suitcase samples in his hotel room.
Read the full article September 11, 2017
Lyft and partner on Bay Area self-driving ride-hailing pilot
Lyft is teaming up with autonomous driving startup to deploy self-driving cars in and around San Francisco with a new pilot project.
Read the full article September 07, 2017
New York's advantage over Silicon Valley
A venture capitalist explains why tech startups with international roots are thriving in the city
Read the full article September 06, 2017
September 6th, 2017 Volcano waffle maker, Star Wars media chair: Great gadgets for fall
Tech expert Katie Linendoll visits TODAY with an array of great gadgets for fall, including a Chefman volcano waffle maker, a Moleskine smart writing set that connects to your phone, Raden smart luggage with built-in USB ports, and Star Wars stormtrooper and Darth Vader media chairs.
Read the full article September 06, 2017
How to negotiate a partner role at a VC firm
It’s hard enough to get a job at a venture capital or private equity firm; it’s even more difficult to join as a partner. I recently went through the process myself in joining HOF Capital, and I thought it would be helpful to share some of my process.
Read the full article September 02, 2017
Business Insider
My favorite smart suitcase charges your phone, weighs itself, and will never get lost
You're probably thinking how can a suitcase solve anything, but the A22 isn't the average suitcase.
Read the full article August 31, 2017
Conde Nast Traveler
The Best Lightweight Luggage
Don’t wait for the check-in desk to assess baggage weight: Raden’s sleek cases include charging docks and a sensor in the handle that, when connected with the companion app, will weigh your luggage and use location-based technology to gauge traffic to the airport, TSA wait times, and more. They’re as stylish as they are functional, too; the A22 Carry now comes in 12 different colors, including new shades of vibrant red and eggplant purple.
Read the full article August 30, 2017
The Telegraph
Just Eat deliver 1,000th meal in London by robot
Just Eat, whose website allows customers to order food from local takeaways which is then delivered by staff from the individual restaurants, has delivered more than 1,000 meals via its fleet of 10 robots in London.
Read the full article August 27, 2017
robotics business review
Delivery Robots Approaching Level 5 Autonomy, Says Starship CEO
Among the autonomous systems that you’re most likely to see in your daily life in the near future are the delivery robots from Starship Technologies.
Read the full article August 23, 2017
Y Combinator-backed VIDA turns artwork into fashion, accessories and more
VIDA, an e-commerce startup that allows artists to upload their designs to be printed on real-world materials – like fabric, leather, metal and more – which are then sold as unique products, has grown its community of artists to over 100,000 members since its launch a few years ago. The company is now participating in startup accelerator Y Combinator, following its recent collaborations with big names, including Cher, Steve Madden, Warner Bros. and others.
Read the full article August 18, 2017
With So Many Options for Marketing Your Business, What Content Should You Promote Where?
What content do you use in marketing your firm? And what content should go in which place? At HOF Capital, we try to manage these layers to be MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive). When I was a strategy consultant, I used the concept of MECE to structure client problems into clean buckets of analysis. The idea of MECE is fundamental to how we run internal processes at our firm.
Read the full article August 18, 2017
San Francisco Chronicle
Robots, drones, oven-trucks: Takeout goes high tech
The 1995 cyberthriller “The Net” wanted to establish that Sandra Bullock’s character, a loner hacker, had mastered the latest technology. So it had her do something wildly futuristic: order pizza over the Internet.
Read the full article August 11, 2017
Why African fintech startups are becoming even more attractive for investors
If you follow the right accounts for young African tech entrepreneurs on Twitter, it can feel like there’s a never ending debate about who gets funding or not in Africa. Like many Twitter debates the 140 characters and even the endless threads don’t capture all nuance of the issue, but while many of those debates have grown, founders from one sector of the startup space have been more positive than most: fintech. Take Flutterwave, a payments company which builds infrastructure to ease processing payments across Africa, it’s just raised $10 million in its Series A round.
Read the full article August 06, 2017
Martech Advisor
Social Native Announces New Content Optimization Technology; Hires Brian Zweig as SVP of Partnerships
New York: Social Native, a platform for connecting brands with global content creators to create high quality content on demand, today announced the launch of its Content Optimization Engine, built to drive increased performance for paid media campaigns.
Read the full article August 03, 2017
Ready to Join a New Management Team? Here's How to Do Your Due Diligence First.
I get emails every week from mid-level and senior executives who want to join a growth company. You’re going to be spending 40-plus hours a week with your new colleagues, which is more time than most of us spend with our spouses. So, I put together some notes on how to perform due diligence on a management team, from the point of view of a prospective colleague. The whole process feels a lot like dating for marriage. This is the process I used when I recently joined HOF Capital.
Read the full article August 01, 2017
Just Eat's autonomous robot deliveries just surpassed 1,000 orders
One of the biggest real world trials of autonomous robot deliveries globally is happening right now in London and has now hit a major delivery milestone. The trial takeaway deliveries by Just Eat in partnership with robotics firm Starship Technologies has seen a fleet of ten self-driving robots unleashed onto busy London streets this year.
Read the full article August 01, 2017
26-year-old founder wants to change payments in Africa
Aboyeji is the cofounder of Flutterwave, a payments API that makes it easier for banks and businesses to process payments across Africa. The service allows consumers to pay for things in their local currency; Flutterwave takes care of integrating banks and payment-service providers into its platform so businesses don't have to take on the expense and burden. U.S. investors just poured $10 million of fresh funding into it.
Read the full article July 31, 2017
Post & Parcel
Omniva trialing the “mothership concept”
Estonia-based Omniva has announced that it will be trialing the ‘mothership concept’ – a prototype autonomous package delivery service which combines Mercedes-Benz vans and Starship Technologies delivery robots.
Read the full article July 20, 2017
C&A Global Pictures a UGC-Driven Strategy for Polaroid
“When it came to the website, yes we needed e-commerce,” he says, “but we wanted it to look and feel like it was positively impacted by people.” To achieve this goal, he decided to populate Polaroid's new website with user-generated content (UGC) provided by content engine Social Native.
Read the full article July 18, 2017
PE Hub
How VCs structure a syndicate and recruit co-investors
When I meet with other VCs, family offices, and other institutional investors, the most common question I get is: “What are the highest-potential companies in your portfolio which are raising now?” I thought it might be helpful to provide transparency on how we and many of our VC peers think about optimizing the cap table for our companies.
Read the full article July 12, 2017
Homework Got You Stumped? There’s Yup
Say you’re a junior in high school and you play on the marching band, football team or a school newspaper deadline had you up until 2am. Now you’re finally getting to your calculus homework and your stumped. Mom and dad have been sleeping for hours and you haven’t seen a snap from any of your friends for hours either. Who you gonna call?
Read the full article July 07, 2017
This State Just Became the Third in the U.S. to Allow Delivery Robots
On Wednesday, Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, signed a new law permitting the use of delivery robots on crosswalks and sidewalks across the state.
Read the full article June 22, 2017
What To Say (And What Not To Say) To Win Over Startup Investors
"This is the next Facebook Inc. We think that we’ll exit within one to three years. This is a surefire winner." In fact, these are surefire phrases to turn HOF Capital Managing Partner David Teten away from your investment opportunity.
Read the full article June 21, 2017
Inside the Mind of a New York VC: Fady Yacoub of HOF Capital
Welcome back to Inside the Mind of an NYC VC, a new series at AlleyWatch in which we speak with New York City-based Venture Capitalists. In the hot seat this time is Fady Yacoub, Cofounder and Managing Partner at HOF Capital, a global venture firm with offices in New York, London, and Cairo that is focused on transformative technologies with the potential to scale globally.
Read the full article June 15, 2017
Estonia is first in the EU to let cute delivery bots on sidewalks- Watch your step, Tallinners.
Starship Technologies' delivery bots have been dropping off lunches in Europe and the US with increasing regularity, and governments are slowly warming to the idea. State legislatures in Virginia and Idaho recently granted official permission for small delivery robots to operate on sidewalks, and now Estonia(!) has offered its approval as well.
Read the full article June 15, 2017
Nigeria Pulse
Send money at cheaper rates with Flutterwave’s new payment solution
“Thrivesend is the cheapest, easiest and most secure way to send money to Nigeria,” says Flutterwave in a Medium post.
Read the full article June 13, 2017
InStyle Magazine
The Latest Pop-Up at L.A.’s The Grove Gives Back to the LGBTQ Community
If you know anything about L.A.'s popular shopping destination The Grove, it's that there's usually some sort of pop-up shop going on. Top brands including Ray-Ban, Honest Beauty, House of Harlow 1960, and Chiara Ferragni Collection have all set up temporary shops at the retail giant, with more "popping up" all the time. The latest brand to take up residency there is smart luggage start-up Raden.
Read the full article June 05, 2017
Interview with David Shadpour, CEO at Social Native
Since we launched in early 2015, we recruited industry experts Jeff Ragovin, Co-Founder of Buddy Media, acquired by Salesforce for $745M, and Eytan Elbaz, Co-Creator of AdSense, acquired by Google for $104M. We grew from 5 employees at the start of 2016 to 30 at the end of the year. We partnered with the leaders in digital marketing including Facebook, Instagram, and Salesforce.
Read the full article June 02, 2017
Estonian World
UK’s Tesco starts using Estonian delivery robots
The largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, Tesco, has started using delivery robots, developed by the Estonian company, Starship Technologies.
Read the full article June 02, 2017
Social Native raises $8 million to build a new social media ad platform
No one, it seems, has come up with a good way to harness all the videos, photos and tweets that budding creators post every day on YouTube, or the Facebook media juggernaut, or its smaller Snap-pier rivals.
Read the full article May 18, 2017
FinConf News
Mastercard Partners with Regalii
MasterCard announced a partnership with Regalii, a leading financial data and bills API, which powers over 30 leading financial institutions like banks and fintech companies.
Read the full article April 05, 2017
Fast Company
Watch DoorDash’s delivery robot bring takeout food to Jimmy Kimmel
DoorDash has been expanding its robot food delivery service. The wheeled minions from Starship Technologies have been spotted in the wilds of Washington, D.C., and Southern California helping the hungry masses get their fix from the Cheesecake Factory and Taco Bell without ever leaving home.
Read the full article April 04, 2017
Domino’s and Starship Technologies will deliver pizza by robot in Europe this summer
We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again– the food delivery robots are coming! This time, they’ll be carting piping hot pizzas to Domino’s customers.
Read the full article March 29, 2017
Business Insider
Tiny self-driving robots have started delivering food on-demand in Silicon Valley — take a look
The robots have arrived, and they're here to work.
Read the full article March 24, 2017
Yahoo! Finance
Social Native Creative Optimization Engine Increases ROI
Social Native, a platform for connecting brands with global content creators to create high quality content on demand, today announced the launch of its Content Optimization Engine, built to drive increased performance for paid media campaigns.
Read the full article March 14, 2017
Tech City News
Ahti Heinla, co-founder of Starship Technologies, on how robots will transform the delivery space
While still at Skype, Janus Friis and I were brainstorming the changes we could make in the world using new robotic technology. We realised we could make the world smaller with robots by creating a low-cost and sustainable delivery option for the things people need most in everyday life: groceries, takeaway food, packages, etc. Once we realised this was possible to do with autonomous robots, we set out to create them.
Read the full article February 26, 2017
Hindustan Times
Food-delivery robots stuck at traffic signals in Europe
A knee-high, black-and-white buggy rolls down a snowy pavement in Estonia’s capital Tallinn and, carefully avoiding pedestrians, stops obediently at the red traffic light of a large road junction.
Read the full article February 22, 2017
The Week
Raden suitcase review: Sensible high-tech luggage
With clean lines and some useful inbuilt tech, Raden bags are smart without being fussy.
Read the full article February 20, 2017
How This Entrepreneur Convinced Investors That Luggage Can Be Sexy
Josh Udashkin is taking on an ambitious challenge: he wants to make luggage sexy.
Read the full article February 17, 2017
Why this start-up founder matches contributions to help employees pay off student loans
When he moved to the U.S. to work as a lawyer and then to launch his luggage startup Raden, Udashkin realized just how lucky he was. He couldn't believe how much debt American grads haul around.
Read the full article February 09, 2017
New York Post
This suitcase has a 10,000-person wait list
This suitcase will take you “bag to the future.”
Read the full article February 07, 2017
Super-Speedy Delivery Robots May Bring Odd Shift in Our Buying Habits
If you live in the nation's capital, your next takeout order could be delivered by a small, six-wheeled robot vaguely reminiscent of WALL-E.
Read the full article January 30, 2017
How Social Native is Becoming the King of Native Advertising
Social Native is turning content creation on its head to help brands connect with consumers.
Read the full article January 20, 2017
Delivery Bots Start Rolling Down the Streets of U.S. Cities
After successful test runs throughout Europe, Starship Technologies' friendly robots have landed stateside.
Read the full article January 19, 2017
Venture Beat
Social Native gets authentic fans to create social media content for brands
Social Native has created a marketplace for connecting brands with content creators who can create authentic social media assets that promote those brands.
Read the full article January 18, 2017
Postmates and DoorDash are testing delivery by robot with Starship Technologies
Not even flexible, freelance jobs in the on-demand economy will be saved from the siege of automation. Starship Technologies is putting its self-driving delivery robots to work in the US.
Read the full article January 18, 2017
Daimler leads $17.2M round in rolling delivery drone startup Starship Technologies
Daimler has led a new $17.2 million funding round in Starship Technologies, a startup created by Skype founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, the WSJ reports. The round will help U.K.-based Starship expand its efforts to bring rolling drone deliveries to city sidewalks around the world.
Read the full article January 13, 2017
Yahoo! Finance
Social Native Redefines How Brands Create Content With the Power of Many
Social Native, a platform for creating high performing content on demand, has officially moved out of stealth mode by announcing their technology platform built to reimagine the antiquated creative process by tapping into the power of the gig economy.
Read the full article January 04, 2017
How Polaroid Is Using Affordable Content Creators to Boost Sales
About 18 months ago, the brand's parent company, C&A Marketing Inc., hired Aaron Paine as director of social media and digital strategy. Paine quickly began working with Social Native, which has 14 million independent content creators on its platform that are typically paid $250 per image to work with specific brands.
Read the full article December 29, 2016
Meet The Man Who Wants To Build The Uber Of Sales Reps
There hasn't been much automation in this area. But if Garcia-Amaya has his way, this too will become part of the new sales-and-marketing technology mix. What his startup, VOIQ, is doing: adding a sharing-economy layer to a technology platform that optimizes the scripts that sales reps use when reaching out to customers.
Read the full article December 14, 2016
OPTii is Honored with “Champion” and ‘Trend Setter” Status by Info-Tech
Confirming its position as provider of the world's most innovative housekeeping management solution, OPTii has been recognized as both a "Champion" and "Trend Setter" in the latest housekeeping automation vendor comparison report by Info-Tech, a leading research and advisory firm focused on the gaming and hospitality industry.
Read the full article December 06, 2016
Flutterwave aims to unify Africa’s fragmented payment systems and empower small businesses
Moneywave, from Y Combinator-incubated Flutterwave, wants to empower individuals and small merchants to take part in the thriving digital economy by letting them accept payment however it’s offered, and receive it instantly in whatever form they choose. The company today announced official availability of the payments platform, and a stout funding round to help usher it into the world.
Read the full article December 05, 2016
JustEat is now delivering takeout with self-driving robots in the UK
The robots will serve you now: Greenwich, London residents have officially begun receiving deliveries from autonomous, six-wheeled rolling cooler bots, which are handling the “last mile” of food delivery from nearby takeout restaurants.
Read the full article December 01, 2016
Sesame Street’s VC fund makes its first investment in tutoring app Yup
Sesame Ventures, the venture fund formed by Sesame Workshop and New York-based Collaborative Fund in May, has made its first investment in a tutoring platform called Yup.
Read the full article November 18, 2016
Skype Co-Founders Launch The Starship ‘Ground Drone’ For Deliveries
To date most of the talk around drones has been about how flying drones will disrupt the delivery industry. But for some bizarre reason the whole idea of a ‘ground drone’ which could address the ‘last mile’ of deliveries tended to be missed. Well, no more.
Read the full article November 05, 2016
Latino Entrepreneurs: Edrizio De La Cruz Makes Strides in Financial Tech
At the recent Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas, Regalii CEO Edrizio De La Cruz unveiled his company's new platform, designed to make bill payments more profitable for banks while improving the overall experience for customers.
Read the full article October 28, 2016
OPTii Solutions
Okada Manila Resort Chooses OPTii Keeper to Manage Housekeeping Operations
Marking a key milestone as OPTii’s first major client in the Philippines, a relatively low-wage country by international pay-scale standards, the Okada Manila Resort in Manila has selected the OPTii Keeper solution to manage all its housekeeping operations.
Read the full article October 27, 2016
Yahoo! Finance
Immigrant-Led Startup Evolves To Help Everyone, Everywhere Pay Their Bills
Regalii, a New York City-based platform for global consumer finances and bills, today reported rapid growth over the past twelve months after its decision to evolve beyond cross-border bill payments to include domestic bill payments (a $3+ trillion market).
Read the full article October 25, 2016
CNN Tech
This Mercedes-Benz van will carry a fleet of delivery robots
"The delivery truck on your block might have some fresh competition. Mercedes-Benz said Wednesday that it will invest roughly $560 million over the next five years in a futuristic electric van that features delivery robots and drones."
Read the full article September 07, 2016
Business Insider
This startup sold $2 million worth of sleek 'smart' suitcases in its first 4 months
Raden CEO Josh Udashkin says he filmed travelers struggling at the airport while researching what "smart" features people would want in a suitcase.
Read the full article August 29, 2016
OPTii Solutions
OPTii Enters Into a Cooperation Agreement with Orascom
Continuing its vigorous global growth, OPTii, a privately held provider of the world’s most powerful hotel housekeeping management software, announced its cooperation with another major new customer, Orascom Hotel Management (OHM).
Read the full article August 26, 2016
OPTii Solutions
World Renowned Hotelier Hans Olbertz Joins OPTii Solutions Board Of Directors
Signaling the company's recognition as a leading innovator in the housekeeping management software sector, Hans Olbertz, an internationally renowned hotelier and global thought leader for the hospitality industry, has joined the OPTii Solutions board of directors.
Read the full article July 14, 2016
Digital Trends
Starship Technologies’ cute sidewalk drones will roll into London soon
Soon, you won’t only have to look up to spot a drone, you’ll see them on the sidewalk, because this cute six-wheeled land drone from Starship Technologies is almost ready to start making deliveries.
Read the full article July 06, 2016
Ryan Leslie gears up to launch SuperPhone to allow fans to text artists, brands
"Ryan Leslie is a Grammy-nominated singer who likes to put his personal phone number online. It's +16468876978, in case you were wondering. It's all part of Leslie's plan to fundamentally change the way brands, artists, or anyone with a public following, interact with their fans, taking on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat."
Read the full article May 27, 2016
How This Online Design Company Got Google Ventures Funding -- On The First Pitch
Umaimah Mendhro (oo-my-ma mend-ro) is one of the few entrepreneurs who can say she won funding on her first pitch. It sounds like a lucky break, but she’s been piecing together an ambitious plan since childhood.
Read the full article May 16, 2016
Yup. This Online Tutoring Startup Just Raised Another $4 Million
Education companies do not offer money-back guarantee if their products and services don’t deliver results. But edtech entrepreneur Naguib Sawiris has gone on the record with this bold promise: “If we are not improving student outcomes, I will shut down the company.”
Read the full article April 14, 2016
Venture Beat
Mobile-first tutoring service MathCrunch becomes Yup, expands into science
MathCrunch, the mobile-first education startup that helps students find personal tutors, has announced a pivot as it changes its name to Yup and expands beyond math into chemistry and physics.
Read the full article April 14, 2016
OPTii Solutions, Inc. Announces The Completion Of $2.7 Million In Series A Investment
OPTii, an innovative provider of hotel housekeeping management software, announced it has successfully raised $2.7 million in its Series A investment round.
Read the full article April 12, 2016
Business Insider
A company making Bluetooth-enabled suitcases wants to solve your biggest travel problems
Having luggage that is both durable and functional can take your trip from stressful to seamless. While travel bags can often be hefty and easily lost, a new company called Raden is aiming to change this by introducing a line of design-focused and app-connected suitcase.
Read the full article April 09, 2016
This Stylish Smart Luggage Will Completely Change the Way You Travel
There’s a certain childlike giddiness that overcomes most adult consumers when they discover that another one of their mundane, inanimate everyday objects has received something of a Steve Jobs treatment—it talks! It listens! It knows where I go and how I feel!
Read the full article April 07, 2016
CNN Tech
Never pay for an overweight suitcase again
An overweight suitcase can run you $100 in fees, but what if you could weigh your suitcase by simply lifting it off the ground?
Read the full article March 29, 2016
With $3.5M In Funding, Raden Is The Latest Smart Luggage Company Aimed At Tech-Savvy Travelers
“The $40 billion luggage industry was lacking a brand that integrated technology, value, and sleek industrial design into a single bag, so we spent nearly two years in stealth mode to develop a product and brand that does just that,” Millennial CEO Joshua Udashkin said. “We wanted to provide travelers a travel case that has everything they need to seamlessly get them to their destination, and bring magic back to the journey.”
Read the full article March 29, 2016
Ben Horowitz backs rapper Ryan Leslie’s SMS commerce startup Superphone
Ryan Leslie gave every fan his phone number. It’s (646) 887-6978. But instead of a million unwanted phone calls, it’s making him money and giving him deeper intelligence about his listeners than anyone in the music business.
Read the full article March 07, 2016
International Business Times
Meet Ryan Leslie's ‘SuperPhone’: How This Hip-Hop Artist Turned Tech Entrepreneur Can Text Every Fan
When Ryan Leslie performed at Soho House during Social Media Week festivities in New York last week, his voice was smooth but occasionally dropped lower to rap. Music producer for the likes of Kanye West and 50 Cent, he sang his own songs like “Addiction” and “Diamond Girl.” Then he did something unusual for a celebrity: He gave out his number and urged his fans to “just text me.”
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The Huffington Post
How A Silicon Valley/YCombinator Company Inexpensively Sources Thousands Of Sales Leads
VOIQ helps startups at their very early stages of growth leverage on-demand call agents to make thousands of calls to prospective customers
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Ryan Leslie's SuperPhone: Beating Facebook To The Scalable Personal Messaging Table
Since the rapid emergence of social media as a viable marketing tool for building brands and connecting with consumers, the trusted formula for enterprising has been to grow an active audience across platforms, consistently distribute content, then monetize those audiences through sharing advertising revenue.
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The Daily
Are Fashion Bots the New Personal Shopper?
Personal shoppers? So passé. Welcome to the new era of fashion apps and the “chatbot.” A new breed of virtual robots (trained by humans and powered by artificial intelligence) have been engineered to go one step further by exchanging personal (not automated) messages via social media and helping you source and buy coveted fashion pieces based on your shape, size, color preference, and even what’s in your current wardrobe, just like a real-life personal shopper would.
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Regalii, A Startup In NYC’s Washington Heights, Uncovers Where Immigrants’ Remittances Really Go
Regalii, a startup co-founded by several Latino founders who personally knew the hassles of sending money home, focuses on remittances to help users directly pay their families' bills.
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Venture Beat
MathCrunch’s New Monthly Subscription Helps You Learn Math On The Go
MathCrunch (now Yup), a mobile-focused math-tutoring startup that connects tutors with students, has announced a new subscription service, alongside a fresh round of funding from Stanford University.
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Venture Beat
VOIQ’s ‘Uber For Telemarketing’ Lets Companies Create On-demand Call Centers
VOIQ's "Uber for telemarketing" platform lets companies scale their call operations quickly by leveraging call agents who use their own mobile device and work from home without needing fixed infrastructure or internal teams.
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Meet The Latino Entrepreneur Who Aims To Transform A Trillion Dollar Market
A few years ago, Edrizio De La Cruz had a great idea: a better way for immigrants to send money back home by eliminating the middlemen (the incumbent service providers).
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Ex-Amazon Team Launches Mona, An App That Puts A Personal Shopper In Your Pocket
Mona, a new app from former employees launching now, wants to put a personal shopper on your phone. While many mobile shopping apps today work to provide users with recommendations on new products or highlight popular trends, Mona takes things a step further with a feature it calls “Missions.”
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With $3.5M In Funding, MathCrunch Wants To Provide Mobile Tutoring For High School And College Students
MathCrunch (now Yup), a company hopes to provide a mobile marketplace that will enable students seeking help with their math problems to be matched with tutors who can guide them through the process and teach users how to solve them with a mobile app that provides on-demand tutoring for students at a low price, has raised $3.5 million in seed funding.
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Business Wire
Red Bull Global Rallycross Season Opener Set For Fort Lauderdale, May 30-31
Red Bull Global Rallycross's 2015 season marks the debut of its new partnership with Los Angeles-based Tixr, which is the official ticket provider for a majority of 2015 Red Bull GRC events and provides technology enhancing the experience of the biggest and most innovative event brands in the world.
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NBC News
Regalii: Dominican Entrepreneur's Novel Way To Send Remittances
Inspired his own experience, Edrizio De La Cruz, a 33-year-old Dominican immigrant, launched Regalii with his co-founders, which allows immigrants to directly pay bills for their relatives abroad from their computer, mobile phone or with cash to help their relatives abroad by directly paying their utilities, mortgages, store credit cards and college tuition.
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Upstart Business Journal
Microsoft Xbox alum’s new game is Vida: high-tech fashion that does good
Pakistani native Umaimah Mendhro always wanted to work in the visual arts, and help reverse the global apparel industry’s pitifully low wages. Now as founder and chief executive officer of socially conscious e-commerce site Vida, the former Microsoft Xbox staffer is using technology to do both.
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VIDA Raises $1.3 Million For “Socially-Responsible” E-Commerce
An e-commerce company called VIDA, backed by Google Ventures, Universal Music Group and others, is today launching today its site that connects shoppers with “socially-responsible” apparel and accessories from artisans and designers around the world.
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Meet VIDA, A Socially Responsible E-commerce E Site Backed By Google
If you want to give the gift of social responsibility this holiday season, you might want to check out Vida, a new e-commerce site that pairs independent artists and designers with small-scale manufacturers, while leading literacy programs for the production staff.
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Regalii Is Changing The Way People Send Money To Family Abroad, Using Mobile And Gift Cards
Regalii has devised a way for people, via their mobile devices, to send remittances to their families back home, which are received in the form of credits to pay bills, or to buy groceries.
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