Samantha Feinstein

Samantha Feinstein

Chief of Staff

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Samantha Feinstein (“Sammy”) is the Chief of Staff at HOF Capital.

Prior to working at HOF Capital, Samantha worked for The American Israel Public Affairs Committee where she worked as an Events Specialist, planning over 100 events per year all over the Northeast Region and assisting in the production of AIPAC’s Policy Conference, which is a four day conference attended by 18,000 delegates in Washington D.C.

Previously, Samantha was living in Israel working for a non-profit called the Ethiopian National Project where she worked with at-risk Ethiopian youth, providing them with emotional support, empowering them to become leaders within their community, and tutoring them in English.

Before moving to Israel, Samantha worked for a fashion company called MM&R where she helped launch and manage the e-commerce website for a new dress line called LABEL by Five Twelve. In addition, she strategized and implemented all marketing campaigns to promote the product and build awareness for the brand. This includes launching and running all their social media platforms.

Lastly, Samantha created a mistake-free messaging app called SureFire Messenger where she assisted on the front-end development work and conducted marketing research.

Samantha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Tulane University.

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